Explore our publications to discover our research in detail. The information on the publications of University of Lodz researchers is available in EXPERTUS and Polska Bibliografia Naukowa databases.

Publications – Open Access Science Database

Search our publications to find articles, books, reports and papers written by experts in their field. Many of our scholars make their work available in open access to view and share, supporting research innovation on a global scale. The Library of the University of Lodz as well as Lodz University Press provide access to numerous publications in the Open Access. You can familiarize yourself with the work of our scholars using one of the following sources:

The University of Lodz Repository

Lodz University Press books in Open Access and „Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Litteraria Polonica”

Lodz University Press

Lodz University Press, or the publishing house (WUŁ) at the University of Lodz has been in operation for almost 50 years and it is one of Polish academic market leaders. It issues annually over 300 publications that provide didactic, scientific and popular science topics, with particular emphasis on Humanities, social and economic sciences. The authors are primarily academic staff of the University of Lodz, and experts from other academic centres in Poland and abroad. A significant part of the publications are monographs and postdoctoral dissertations as well as periodicals. Cooperating with mass media, cultural institutions, journalists and bloggers, the Lodz University Press promotes science and culture. Moreover, it cares for the dissemination of research results and scientific content, directing its numerous publications to the Open Access. It also cooperates with over 1000 bookstores across the country.

The Library of the University of Lodz (BUŁ)

The Library of the University of Lodz (BUŁ) is the largest and most modern of all public libraries in Lodz and the Lodz region. Its collections and well-developed search and information facilities are available to researchers and students of various universities as well as to inhabitants of the region.

The UL Library collections (including department libraries) include almost 3,400,000 volumes, and their readership is over 28,000 people. The book collection is multidisciplinary, as it contains documents from all areas of knowledge, with particular focus on the sciences represented at the University of Lodz. The richness and attractiveness of the UL Library is determined by the diversity of its collections. In addition to books and magazines, its resources include carefully compiled manuscripts, autographs, incunabula (XV century), old prints (XVI-XVIII centuries), graphics, bookplates, photographs, atlases, maps, notes, plates, leaflets, posters, artistic books, first editions etc. The University of Lodz Library enriches its collections not only with the legal deposit and purchases, but also with the exchange of publications within an international network of about 90 libraries and education institutions from 27 countries. In addition to traditional sources, readers have access to digital versions of collections at the Repository and Digital Library of the University of Lodz and to the latest licensed electronic collections, such as databases, magazines and e-books.