The UL researchers currently run large scale programmes both in the areas of experimental sciences and humanities – financed by numerous national and international grantors.

The University of Lodz constantly increases the number of research grants implemented for individual projects, including the ones carried out in large national and international consortia. The UL implements more than 430  research projects (including 15 international partner consortia implementing projects under the HORIZON 2020).

The scope of research is extremely wide. It covers  both social issues (GRACE: Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe), political (CRISEA – Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia), economic: including DESIRA – Digitization: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas or health care e.g. – VACTRAIN – TWINNING ON DNA-BASED CANCER VACCINES.

What distinguishes the University of Lodz is the dynamics in joining international project consortia. In the first quarter of 2019 the UL became an important partner for three new consortia. These are CLEARING HOUSE – Collaborative Learning in Research, Information-sharing Futures, ProCEedS – Promoting Circular Economy in the Food Supply Chain and SANDA – Supplying Accurate Nuclear Data for energy and non-energy Applications.