At the University of Lodz, which is a classical university, we fully understand and appreciate the role of Humanities in the modern world. In the year of its 70th Anniversary, our University established a unique academic prize in Poland which is an award for an outstanding piece of work in the field of Humanities.

The Memorial Prize of the First Rector of the University of Lodz Professor Tadeusz Kotarbiński is the award for the best academic paper, which is selected by an independent Competition Jury, consisting of prominent scientists from several Polish academic centres. Due to the high rank of the Award, the number of competitors grows year by year.

Prof. Andrzej Friszke – the laureate of the fourth edition of the Memorial Prize

Throughout the previous editions, the UL has managed to create an invaluable nationwide network of Humanist researchers who, in the future, will determine the directions of development of their branches of science. The annual Award Ceremony, which takes place at the Łódź Philharmonic, is the largest celebration related to Humanities in Poland. Winners are accompanied by a unique artistic setting.