The Technology Incubator of Lodz University

The Technology Incubator of Lodz University supports innovative projects from high technology sector by using modern consulting, knowledge bases and helping with acquisition of capital. The Technology Incubator supports high-tech projects from whole country with particular emphasis on projects which are for the benefit of Lodz region.

The Technology Incubator cooperate with Austin Technology Incubator – effective and respected around the US which supports the development of high-tech industry and declining unemployment.

Technology Incubator of University of Lodz is managed by Innovation Center – High-tech Accelerator University of Lodz Foundation. Foundation is spin-off organization established by University of Lodz to be more effective and market oriented for its students and scientists.

Technology Accelerator –
University of Lodz Foundation

Technology Accelerator – The University of Lodz Foundation is a center of innovation providing pro-innovative services for the sector of micro, small and medium enterprises. Also it provides business consulting, assistance in commercialization and finding sources of financing, as well as obtaining national and EU subsidies, primarily for students, PhD students and scholars of the University of Lodz.

The statutory task of the Foundation is to help entrepreneurship, increase innovation and competitiveness of the Polish economy by supporting  the development of companies, using innovations, transfer of knowledge from science to business and commercialization of research results conducted at research institutes

The Foundation supports the University of Lodz by bringing into action the cooperation of science and business.


T: + 48 42 635 4984     + 48 508 390 708