We strive to be a modern university, open to cooperation with the economy, business and the environment. We are aware of participation in building a creative, well-educated society and the role of high-quality research in the growth of innovation of the economy. ” – prof. dr hab. Antoni Różalski, Rector of the University of Lodz

Strategic partnerships

The University of Lodz wants to establish long-term strategic partnerships with selected national and international partners. We form strategic partnerships with commercial companies, public-sector bodies and other organisations, usually for three years and with an option for and expectation of renewal. Building and maintaining strong relationships with social and economic environment is fundamental point of our University’s development strategy.

Strong alliances

Business Councils

Companies interested in closer cooperation with a specific faculty can join the Business Councils operating at all faculties. The aim of the Business Councils is to create modern academic programmes for the University of Lodz students regarding the best adaptation of graduate profiles to market expectations and employers – both at home and abroad. The Business Councils also enable joint research projects in the field of innovation and creation of start-up, spin-out and spin-off companies around these research and development works.

Mutal benefits

Our goal as University is to support our students, providing practical aspects of education in the form of formal and informal meetings, workshops and lectures. We offer high-quality, well-paid internships and apprenticeships in partner companies where students may develop their future careers. Strengthening cooperation with business entities guarantees better adjustment of curricula to the needs of future employers, as well as commercial application of research results and the utilization of the university’s potential by companies in their day-to-day operations.

Industrial PhD

The Industrial PhD offered at University of Lodz aims at recruiting a researcher for a specific project that may generate new knowledge and/or patents. The dual nature of studies requires the provision of a scientific promoter from the scientific unit. The second important element is the involvement of the program partner, which may be a company or other entity operating in the socio-economic environment. The necessary condition is to maintain the employment relationship of the doctoral student on a full-time basis throughout the period of study.

Working with public-sector authorities

The University of Lodz seeks to be an attractive partner for official authorities in Poland and abroad and feels a responsibility to make its wide-ranging knowledge available for work on research-based public-sector service contracts. The University wants up-to-date, reliable, impartial and relevant information to be available to society; including decision-makers in parliament, government and official agencies.