The events surrounding the 75th anniversary have been planned so that all those who make the University what it is – employees, students, and graduates alike – can actually feel part of this broad, diverse community, and take pride in being on board. We are open to suggestions as to how to celebrate our anniversary. We invite the cooperation of all Faculties, and all individuals who want to meaningfully contribute. In this special year, we want to be together, get to know each other better, and get to like each other even more – writes Prof. Tomasz Cieślak, Vice-President for Student Affairs.

Swarm to the library

The 75th anniversary of the University is a great opportunity to look at its rich and diverse achievements. For the University changed the character of the city, shaping – together with other higher education establishments – its intellectual landscape and forever becoming a stand-out element of the local and national history.

The UL library will display the contents of its vault: the finest old prints, some of which go back even a few hundred years. In the meantime, a bee-garden will be set up on the library’s roof. On that note, the University of Lodz will be regularly proving that nature and climate are some of its chief concerns.

We want to additionally emphasize the significance of the anniversary by holding an open composer’s competition for the musical piece which will now be heard at all important events at the University.

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The story of the University

We work toward collecting and celebrating all the moments from the rich history of the University which define its character. This process will likely never end, but we are already recording memories of employees and students and documenting their accomplishments, interests, and everyday experiences. These efforts see eager cooperation from students and staff alike, and we hope that the outcome is a story of our University: a vivid, compelling, multidimensional story, most likely unobvious and sometimes maybe even surprising. This is us fulfilling our duty toward past generations, but also satisfying the need to preserve the collective memory of interesting figures, events, and anecdotes.

We are planning extraordinary exhibitions of photographs by a few eminent scholars in various fields. We will be also asking sensitive and creative people to tell us how they understand the notions of truth and freedom. Their answers will be photographs submitted for an open photographic competition, whose theme is the University’s fine, binding motto: Veritas et Libertas.

More information about the competition

Good job!

Building the academic community will be surely aided by new initiatives, which will help our students and staff in their social activities. We will be launching employees’ voluntary service and students’ participatory budgeting. To be sure, these will not be one-time projects, but programs operating in the following years as well. In 2020, the University of Lodz will award the inaugural prize for social activity.

We want to recognize the most eminent young scholars and show their achievements to others. To that end, we are preparing a presentation of a large group of researchers.

Meanwhile, on the day when we will be celebrating the University’s anniversary, we want to get together for a great multigenerational picnic, in the hope of starting the tradition which will see such meetings become a permanent fixture on the campus.